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Breakout Sessions:
Examining the Transition to Large Diameter Components in CNG Systems
Compressor Manufacturers Roundtable
Importance of CNG Station Maintenance and the Quality of your Natural Gas
NGV Consumer Education: It’s all about Messaging
Ground Storage Vessels
Vehicle Tank Inspections
Advancing the Industry Through Policymaking & Coordination
Smarter Material Selection for Corrosion Control

Transitioning to Large Diameter Components | Tues., 10:50-11:50 am

As CNG station tubing moves to larger diameters to increase capacity, do we need to review what safe systems look like? Are larger systems going to help us get the flow rates everyone craves? What are the next generation of stations going to use as a standard ID? We’ll examine pipe and tube systems, valves, handles, tubing, safe plumbing, components selection, and reticulation rules.


Erick Girouard, Emcara (moderator)

Erick Girouard



Erick has been designing CNG and hydrogen components for 15 years, and is the inventor of several product patents, including the tank valve used on most 5000 psi hydrogen systems. Erick participates with other industry experts on several technical advisory groups, developing and updating standards used across North America and emulated in other markets. He is a recognized expert in components and particularly PRDs, and as such has contributed a considerable amount of the tests and text in the standards. This has been crucial for Emcara’s work as well as for others, as Emcara has developed components never anticipated by the standards. He currently chairs the Common Issues TAG to address those issues that affect several standards. In 2012, he was awarded CSA’s Personal Award of Distinction for his service.

Reb Guthrie, Fuel Solutions, Inc.

Reb Guthrie

Principal and Project Manager

Fuel Solutions, Inc.


Reb has 19 years of CNG and vehicle-fueling consulting experience, and he is currently the Principal and Project Manager of Fuel Solutions. Projects include a wide variety of CNG-fueling projects, covering over 150 fueling facility designs. His design experience includes time fill for refuse and school districts, fleet fueling for municipalities, and high-capacity bus fueling for transit agencies throughout the U.S., including for L.A. Metro, NYCT, MBTA Boston and San Diego MTS. Reb is also an expert in integrated petroleum fueling facilities, fuel management, and ‘CNG safe’ garage modifications.

Andy Cameron, Oasis Engineering

Andy Cameron_smAndy Cameron

Managing Director, Sole Proprietor

Oasis Engineering Ltd Andy Cameron is the Managing Director and sole proprietor of Oasis Engineering Ltd, a high precision niche manufacturer specialising in components for storing and dispensing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Mr Cameron holds a mining engineering degree and came to Oasis following a 25 year long career in gold exploration, extraction and processing where he held General Manager positions in four large gold projects in Asia and Africa. Since returning to New Zealand, he has led Oasis with the company becoming a key supplier of valves and fittings in the demanding CNG fueling station construction market. The company is regarded as exceptionally innovative in this field and the Oasis catalogue boasts several industry leading products.

Mr Cameron is a director of the TIDA (the Titanium Development Association), a director of TITENZ (Titanium Technologies NZ), Chairman of Export NZ Bay of Plenty, and a Trustee of Acorn Foundation Charitable Trust.

Gregg Lennon, SSP

Gregg Lennon

CNG Markets Manager


Gregg Lennon has invested more than 35 years in the Performance Fluid Components Industry, with the past 13 years spent with Ohio-based SSP. As CNG Markets Manager, and Applications Engineer, Gregg Lennon is helping to lead the team of Industry Specialists at SSP to live up to the CNG-Plus Philosophy:  “Helping Contractors and Developers build CNG Stations Faster and Safer than ever before!”

Compressor Manufacturers Roundtable | Tues., 2-3 pm

Manufacturers will discuss best practices for maintaining and operating compressors long-term. What steps can you take to make your compressors last? What types of maintenance should you be performing on a regular basis? Learn all this and more.


Tom Sewell, Tulsa Gas Technologies (moderator)

Tom Sewell


Tulsa Gas Technologies


Tom is the founder and president of Tulsa Gas Technologies, the leading manufacturer of CNG dispensers in North America. TGT specializes in both high-volume CNG dispenser installations and single-unit jobs with custom specifications. With an emphasis on advanced technologies, quality manufacturing and service, TGT has been a leader in the CNG industry for 23 years, and its products are currently used across the United States and in ten countries around the world.

Ben Vos, IMW Industries

Ben Vos Design Engineer

IMW Industries

Ben Vos is a Mechanical Designer at IMW Industries in Ferndale Washington with proficiency in both production support and design. As a member of the custom project team, Ben has contributed to every aspect of equipment design while at IMW Industries. Ben’s CNG career experience includes tenure at Western Washington University (WWU) working to design and install bio-methane harvesting and scrubbing system on a dairy farm in rural Washington with the purpose of powering vehicles on renewable CNG.

Ben graduated from the Western Washington University (WWU) Vehicle Research Institute in 2008 with his B.S. in Engineering Technologies and an emphasis on alternative fuel and hybrid vehicle design.

Eric Diehl, Ariel Corporation

Eric Diehl

Application Engineer

Ariel Corporation


Eric received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio Northern University. While deciding where to work after graduation, Eric was introduced to Ariel by a friend and had the opportunity to meet the owner/founder of Ariel during the interviewing process, Eric decided it would be a great place to work. Nineteen years, later Eric still feels the same way about Ariel. In the course of his career, Eric has spent time working in Design, Supply Chain, Technical Services, Order Entry and Applications/Sales. While in the Applications/Sales group, one of Eric’s main focuses has been in Ariel’s CNG market, supporting both the selection and optimization of the compressor for stations. Eric is also one of Ariel’s Technical Trainers providing instruction for the Ariel sizing software.

Merv Bohrer, Bauer Compressors

Merv BohrerMerv Bohrer

Business Development Manager

Bauer Compressors

Merv Bohrer is a graduate of Old Dominion University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He has been with Bauer Compressors since 1986 and has worked in both the engineering and sales departments. He has been involved with CNG/NGV since 1991 and during that time has served on several industry committees.

Merv’s current position at Bauer is in the Technical Competence Center where he provides technical guidance to the sales teams of the various market segments that Bauer serves including high pressure breathing air, high pressure industrial air and gases, nitrogen generation, helium recovery and, of course, CNG. Bio Coming Soon

Importance of Station Maintenance and Quality NG | Tues., 3:20-4:20 pm

Learn how keeping your natural gas clean at the station can impact your system, with detailed information about Dryers, the critical impact Oil carryover can have on systems and how to prevent it, and with Maintenance Facility Requirements.


Larry Dobelbower, ANGI Energy Systems (moderator)

Larry Dobelbower

Director, Field Services

ANGI Energy Systems


Larry began his career as a mechanic and instrument technician with Mobil Oil, then served 9 years in the United States Navel Reserves including an active duty recall to Desert Storm. He became involved in CNG with Oklahoma Natural Gas, supporting the CNG sites in Western Oklahoma. Larry went to work for TCM Future Fuels, a CNG compressor and skid provider in Tulsa, as the Service Manager in 1993. Future Fuels provided equipment and maintenance across the US and Canada. Larry has worked for several Oklahoma CNG companies including FW Murphy. Larry accepted a 3 month contract with Trillium USA in 2001 to upgrade a large transit system in New York City. 12 years and a sale later, as the Operations Manager, Larry again looked for other challenges in the CNG industry. He accepted the position of Director of Field Services for ANGI Energy Systems in 2013. In this role, he is establishing regional field support teams for customers and partners to enhance the ANGI product line. ANGI recognizes the need for manufacturer support in major regions across the United States. As ANGI begins a new chapter with Gilbarco, service will play a major role in the future of CNG in America.

Brian Meyer, PSB Industries

Brian Meyer

Application Sales Manager

PSB Industries


Brian Meyer has spent 29 years in the gas dehydration and purification industry. His career began at Zurn Industries, General Air Division as a Sales Engineer. He was responsible for direct/house accounts in the air separation industry. In 1993, PSB industries acquired the Zurn dryer product line and now he serves as the Application Engineering Manager.

Mr. Meyer’s application engineering experience includes optimizing designs for natural gas, argon, hydrogen, helium, etc. using solid adsorbents and catalysts for dehydration and purification. Customer parameters such as supply pressure, moisture load, allowable pressure drop and future expansion are taken into account in order to provide the best drying solution.

Natural gas drying is essential to improve fuel quality for NGV stations and also for Mother stations for thermal applications. Mr. Meyer and his team expanded the PSB product portfolio and developed a standard product line of single and dual tower dryers specifically for the CNG market.

Pietro Foralosso, Xebec, Inc.

Pietro ForalossoPietro Foralosso

NGX Application Engineer

Xebec, Inc.

Pietro Foralosso is an Italian engineer with a varied experience in O&G water treatment plants up to gas purification systems through PSA, membrane and TSA technology, and is currently working for Xebec as application specialist.

Mike House, JW Energy

Mike House_smMike House

JW Energy

Mike house has worked in the oil and gas industry for 19 years, and has been focused specifically on CNG development for the past 10 years. Mike is CNG Certified by the Texas Railroad Commission, and is involved in all aspects of CNG development, from the equipment to site layout and design. Mike holds a degree in Mechanical Design Technology from Oral Roberts University.

Messaging for NGV Consumer Education | Wed, 9:30-10:30 am

Consistent messaging will build consumer awareness and education about the benefits of NGVs. A unified voice like the “Got Milk?” campaign would help with policy support for NGV’s and solutions for the refueling network problem.


Sheryl Lovelady, Lovelady and Associates (moderator)

Sheryl Lovelady


Lovelady and Associates


Sheryl began her career as a professional photographer before entering the political and government sectors. She served on the executive staffs of the Oklahoma Senate Appropriations Chairman and Senate President Pro Tempore and was Executive Director of a statewide legislative caucus organization. In this capacity she provided oversight of fundraising, campaign and policy strategies for majority members of the Oklahoma Senate. She has also worked with clientele throughout the United States as a strategic consultant, with a Washington DC and Florida-based public opinion research firm. She served as Director of Communications for the City of Tulsa, and more recently as Director of the Women’s Leadership Initiative at the Carl Albert Congressional Research Center at the University of Oklahoma.

Lovelady is president of Lovelady and Associates, LLC, a media and public policy consulting firm that works with non-profit and private sector clientele. She is a graduate of Leadership Tulsa, the Department of Corrections Leadership Academy and the US Department of Defense JCOC leadership program. She is President of the Gordon Cooper Technology Center Foundation and serves on the advisory board of the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women. She serves on the Board of Directors of the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation, the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum, the ACLU of Oklahoma and the Center for the Advancement of Science and Math Education in Oklahoma, and a gubernatorial appointee to the Oklahoma Community Service Commission. Sheryl is a political analyst and frequent guest on OETA television.

Matt Slavin, NGV Today

Matt Slavin



Matt Slavin is editor of NGV Today, the leading source for business intelligence on natural gas vehicle markets, technology and policy, and president of AFV Intelligence, a strategic advisory planning, research and communications firm focused on clean energy and alternative fueled vehicles and advanced transportation technologies. Matt speaks and writes frequently on sustainable transportation, with publications including Into the Driver’s Seat: States Take Action to Boost NGV Adoption (Green Fleet, Nov/Dec 2012) and Where Can I Fill Up: An Assessment of Natural Gas Transportation Fueling Infrastructure and Strategies to Accelerate Deployment (American Clean Skies Foundation, 2013).

Craig Dickson, Williams Cos.

Craig Dickson

Business Development Manager



Craig Dickson works in the natural gas infrastructure business with Williams Companies, developing plans for pipeline and facility expansions to gather, process and transport natural gas in the United States. In 2009, Craig embarked on a journey to discover whether natural gas would be economical to use for automobiles, and chronicled his journal on BurnUSgas.com.

With a career focused on natural gas, Craig is happy to finally be using natural gas for his family’s daily transportation needs. Kim, Craig’s wife of 22 years, drives a bi-fuel Chevy Tahoe converted by Impco. Craig drives a Honda Civic GX, and has become a staunch advocate for CNG.

Stephe Yborra, NGVAmerica

Stephe Yborra

Director of Market Analysis, Education and Communications



In his dual roles at both the natural gas vehicle (NGV) industry’s national trade association and at its educational foundation, Stephe assesses NGV market opportunities and barriers and then develops programs to address them.

This includes: Preparing market and technology analyses; Advising government and industry RDD&D program task forces; Presenting educational seminars and webinars; Publishing articles and guest columns in niche fleet sector magazines; Coordinating NGV industry participation in national fleet-oriented trade events.

Rebecca Schenker, Gladstein, Neandross & Associates

Rebecca SchenkerRebecca Schenker

Vice President, Programs

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates

Rebecca Schenker is Vice President of the Programs Department at Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA), where she manages market research, market development, communications, policy, and grant efforts on behalf of clients. She draws upon her expert technical knowledge to help clients effectively communicate and further their alternative fuel market development goals to various customer, policy, stakeholder and media audiences. Rebecca is the natural gas transportation consultant to America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA), where she supports natural gas fueled on-road, E&P and marine research and market growth efforts. She has secured over $150 million in grant funding for clean transportation projects and saved clients over $50 million in regulatory compliance approaches.

Mark Smith, National Clean Cities

Mark Smith_smMark Smith is the Manager of the National Clean Fleets Partnership for the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Clean Cities program. His responsibilities include developing outreach strategies for implementing new national partnerships between industry and the DOE Clean Cities program to successfully deploy new vehicle technologies. Smith also works with DOE’s regional managers and individual Clean Cities coalitions to implement vehicle deployment strategies at the regional and local levels. In addition, he develops and maintains relationships with key stakeholders from vehicle manufacturers, fuel suppliers, educational institutions, government agencies and other related organizations to expand the use of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies.

Ground Storage Vessels | Wed., 10:50-11:50 am

Learn the responsibilities of storage and certifications (ASME, DOT, and composite, etc), how they apply to you, and how ground storage vessels work.


Jeremy Moore, FS Circle Solutions (moderator)

Jeremy Moore

Fire Chief, City of Tulsa

Owner and Instructor, FS Circle Solutions

Moore has earned a Master’s of Public Administration from University of Oklahoma, and also holds a Bachelor’s of Fire Service Management from Western Illinois University and an Associate’s in Fire Protection Technology from Tulsa Community College. In addition to his duties as a district chief, Moore also serves as a National Incident Management instructor, and brings experience from teaching at Tulsa Community College.

Anthony Chandler, Wilco Machine & Fabrication

Anthony Chandler

Vice President

Wilco Machine & Fabrication

Anthony is the Vice President of Wilco Machine & Fabrication. Anthony holds a degree in Business Administration and has 30 plus years in the oil and gas industry, the last six of which have been with Wilco, a leading manufacturer of equipment, products and tools for the worldwide energy services industry.

Kevin Collins, CP Industries

Kevin Collins

Vice President, Business Development

CP Industries

Kevin has 35 years of experience in the industry, first at US Steel and later at CP Industries, a leading provider of CNG Ground Storage, CNG Transport and On-Board Cylinders. He earned his BBA from University of Massachusetts – Amherst and MBA from Suffolk University. Kevin is a U.S. Navy Veteran and Naval Aviator. He is a member of NGV America and Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities.

Vehicle Tank Inspections | Tues., 9:30-10:30 am

What’s required to be legal? What really happens at the end of a tank’s life? 3000 psi going away; Why are we only using cylinder valves for PRDs? Types of cylinders and fill performance. Are foreign tanks being built to “beyond fail” standards like in the USA?


Dan Genovese, World Fuel Services (moderator)

Dan GenoveseDan Genovese

Director, CNG Development

World Fuel Services

Mr. Genovese is the new Director of CNG Development at World Fuel Services, a leader in the US and globally for transportation fuel supply, specializing in fuel distribution and sale of land, aviation, and marine fuel products and services, where his role will be to develop CNG infrastructure for commercial fleets and retail facilities. As a national leader in market development for CNG, LNG and NGV’s he has established a national reputation as a charismatic market educator and advocate and has been a frequent speaker at national conferences and legislative forums.

Previously he served as Market Development Manager for Chesapeake Energy where he served a key regional role in developing the enormous potential for on-road (consumer and commercial fleets) and off-road (E&P, mining, marine and rail) CNG and LNG utilization.

Mr. Genovese holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, a Master of Science in Finance and has completed the NACS Executive Leadership program at Cornell University.

John Coursen, Worthington Industries

John Coursen

Product Group Manager

Worthington Industries


John has 15 years of experience with the design, testing, and field use of composite reinforced pressure vessels, and more than 12 years of design and testing experience with ASME pressure vessels. He is a member of the ANSI/CSA NGV2 Committee, holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, emphasis in fluid and thermal sciences from Case Western Reserve University, and a JD from Southwestern University School of Law.

Matt Villarreal, Clean NG

Matt VillarrealMatt Villarreal


Clean NG

Matt Villarreal is a Founder and the CEO of CleanNG LLC. Mr. Villarreal has served the company both as lead strategist and product developer since 2010, when he and his colleagues developed the original concept for the liner-less all-composite compressed natural gas storage system, the MagnumCel, through their involvement with a collegiate formula racing team. Matt is a graduate of the Oklahoma State University’s School of Entrepreneurship, and Emerging Enterprises.

Dave Myers, Hexagon Lincoln

Dave Myers

Business Development Manager

Hexagon Lincoln Dave Myers has been involved with the Alternative Fuels industry in North America since 1989, specializing in the development and sales of products designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of CNG and hydrogen systems.

Dave holds patents for valve and PRD technology for CNG and hydrogen cylinder applications. His more than 39+ years of experience with high-pressure gases encompasses a broad range of applications from semiconductor systems to fabrication of vehicular fuel systems.

Dave is a senior member of ISA, SAE and past member of several technology committees’ for CNG vehicles and components.

John Carrigan, Luxfer-GTM Technologies

John Carrigan_smJohn Carrigan

Director of Innovation & Technology

Luxfer-GTM Technologies

John is a leading expert in composite cylinder design, analysis, testing and manufacturing, and he has nearly 20 years of experience in the industry. His primary focus has been in developing composite cylinders for a wide variety of uses, including self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) for firefighters and first-responders, compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles and bulk storage, hydrogen, medical gases and aerospace applications. He has also helped develop standards and design codes for all these industries. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from California State Polytechnic University, a master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, and he recently completed his MBA from the University of Redlands. John is currently working on consolidating CNG and hydrogen cylinder designs and other engineering activities related to Luxfer’s recent acquisitions of Dynetek and Vexxel.

Advancing NGVs Through Policymaking & Coordination | Wed., 2-3 pm

This breakout will look at the challenges and successes both past and present. Topics will include how governments and private entities can work together on developing the industry, state/federal regulations, incentives and standards. Panelists will cite the on-going issue of the weights and measures regulations regarding measurement of CNG.


The Honorable John Sullivan, SBL Strategies (moderator)

John Sullivan

Former Member, US House of Representatives

Partner, SBL Strageties

Congressman John Sullivan is a Partner in SBL Strategies, LLC, a full service government affairs and strategic consulting firm located in Washington, DC. SBL Strategies represents clients before the federal government, develops government affairs strategy and advises clients on political and legislative strategy. John’s representation areas include corporations, trade associations, cities and townships and municipal entities.

Prior to SBL Strategies, Congressman John Sullivan Represented the 1st Congressional District of Oklahoma from 2002 until 2013. He served on the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee Leadership Team as Vice Chairman of the Sub Committee on Energy and Power. As a member of the committee Congressman Sullivan had a profound impact on issues of energy, healthcare and telecommunications. John also served in House leadership as Minority and Majority assistant Whip.

Brett Barry, Clean Energy

Brett Barry

‎Public Policy and Regulatory Advisor

Clean Energy

Brett Barry is a Public Policy and Regulatory Advisor for Clean Energy, North America’s largest provider of natural gas transportation fuel. Focusing primarily on the state level, his territory includes the eastern half of the United States. Brett represents Clean Energy on the Board of Advisors to the Fuels Institute and serves on multiple regional policy committees under NGVAmerica. Prior to joining Clean Energy, he held several positions within the Pennsylvania House of Representatives including Advisor to House Majority Whip, Stan Saylor and Policy Analyst for the Energy Task Force under the House Republican Policy Committee.

Michael Teague, Oklahoma Secretary of Energy & Environment

Michael Teague_smMichael Teague

Secretary of Energy & Environment

State of Oklahoma

Michael Teague is serving as Oklahoma’s first secretary of Energy and Environment. Prior to his appointment, Teague served in the U.S. Army for nearly 30 years before retiring with the rank of Colonel.

Teague served in many capacities during his time in the Army including commander for the Tulsa District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers where he was responsible for a civil works program encompassing all of Oklahoma, a large portion of southern Kansas and the panhandle of northern Texas. He oversaw over 700 employees in engineering, construction and operations, as well as an annual budget of $700 million.

Throughout his career, Teague has dealt with power generation and distribution, water desalinization, and environmental impact studies. He has facilitated and negotiated numerous solutions regarding federal and state agencies, tribes, and local stakeholders and has acted as a liaison between the Tulsa District and the United States Congress.

Teague also served in operational assignments in Germany, Honduras, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and numerous stateside duty stations. He deployed several times to the Middle East and central Asia including commanding the 52nd Engineer Battalion in Mosul, Iraq in support of the 101st Airborne Division as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

Teague received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Norwich University. He also received master’s degrees in operations analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School and in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War College.

James Buck, Oklahoma Department of Labor

James BuckJames Buck

Licensing Director

Oklahoma Department of Labor


James Buck is the Director of Safety Standards and Licensing for the Oklahoma Department of Labor (ODOL). The Safety Standards and Licensing Division provides oversight of the Alarm and Locksmith, Elevator, Amusement Ride, Boiler/Pressure Vessel, Welder, Private Employment Agency, and Alternative Fuels (CNG, LNG, and Electric) programs. James holds a Master’s of Science in Management and a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. Prior to coming to work for the ODOL, James was employed at the Oklahoma State Health Department and Oklahoma City County Health Department serving in various roles from Program Manager to Environmental Specialist. James is Veteran of the United States Army serving on active duty as well in the Reserves and Oklahoma Army National Guard.

Leslie Osborn, Oklahoma House of Representatives

Leslie Osborn

Representative, District 47

Oklahoma House of Representatives

In 2008 Leslie Osborn was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives. She has served as deputy majority whip, assistant majority floor leader, and currently serves as Chairman of the House Revenue and Taxation committee. Osborn received a B.S. in business administration from Oklahoma State University and resides in Mustang.

Leslie is a former member of the Grady County Farm Service Agency County Board of Directors. She is on the board of the Canadian Valley Technology Center’s Foundation Board, and serves on the board of the State Advisory Council on Breast Cancer. She was also recently appointed as a member of the Energy Council.

In May of 2013, Leslie was awarded the Guardian of Small Business Award, after successfully running the workers compensation reform bill in the House. She has also received the legislator of the year award from the District Attorneys council, and the Farm Bureau.

Smarter Material Selection for Corrosion Control | Wed., 3:20-4:20 pm

Hear from a world-renowned metallurgist on why material choices matter when you’re choosing CNG systems.

Tom Dudley, Parker-Hannifin Corporation

Tom Dudley VP Innovation and Technology

Parker Hannifin

Working with Parker Hannifan’s Instrumentation businesses in the UK and USA, Mr. Dudley is responsible for all engineering and new product development for the Instrumentation Group – one of the corporation’s seven business units.

Mr. Dudley is a physicist by training with over 35 years of experience in oil and gas, instrumentation, aerospace, biopharmaceutical and petrochemical fields. Mr. Dudley is considered an industry expert regarding the evaluation of material performance and recommendations for use in varying regions, climates and applications. He was involved in a process patent that allowed prediction of the corrosion resistance of series 300 stainless steels after welding based on the relationship between chromium equivalents and nickel equivalents.

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