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A Different Approach

NGVOK started in 2012 as the CNG Summit, brought attendees from 11 states and Canada, and the message was clear: people wanted practical information they could use in the real world. Thus, NGVOK was born.

NGVOK was expanded in 2014 to include an exposition hall with 61 vendors, three conference tracks with 23 sessions/panels and attracted 461 attendees from 35 states and five countries.

Attend NGVOK and you’ll walk away with useful information you can apply to your fleet, regardless of how much or little you know about CNG before the conference. Everyone has been invited to the table, so you’ll hear from leading experts—not just the event sponsors—so you can have candid conversations about the pros and cons of CNG as a transportation fuel.


NGVOK 2015 will release its educational topics and conference sessions in the near future.

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If you have questions, please contact Nichole at (918) 978.1267 or nichole@ngvok.com.

 What They Said After NGVOK 2014            see Fact Sheet

“Wow! Where to start? I attend about 15 industry conferences a year. This conference was the best I have attended in a long time. Great panel topics, lots of great fleet turnout, booth traffic the entire time, registration was half the cost of some of the other conferences, food was great, venue nice and close to the very-helpful-yet-reasonable Doubletree. (And no ride-and-drive – thank goodness!) Exhibitor’s lounge was great! Loved the chair massage!”

The conference was done with an elegance and class that far exceeds most, with quality speakers, fine food, a great venue, clean facilities, excellent programs, water and food on the exhibit floor, the vendor lounge, golf outing, etc. Congratulations, a job well done! You did Oklahoma and our CNG community proud!”

“The sessions were great and very well planned with the right people on each panel. The food was beyond spectacular and the details that went into the event were not skipped. Attendees/ exhibitors were well entertained throughout the event by NGVOK! Great job!


Special thanks to Daniel Jeffries for serving as the 2014 NGVOK Coordinator.  He has advanced his career by joining Tulsa Clean Cities Coalition and Indian National Council of Governments as an Energy Programs Specialist. Daniel will serve on the 2015 NGVOK Conference Committee.